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Amethyst Information

Amethyst Information

Amethyst is the most highly valued member of the quartz group. The name is of Greek origin translating to "not drunk". Amethyst crystals were used in amulets to protect against drunkenness.

Amethyst is coloured by the amount of iron within the stone. Artificial light doe's not display Amethyst's full glory and benefits but natural light shows its full colours. Amethyst's range in colour from pale red/violet to deep purple and violet. The best stones are faceted and brilliant cuts but others are tumbled or worked into ornaments.


Amethyst is found in countries such as Brazil, Burma, India, Mexico, Russia and Sri Lanka. An abundance of synthetic Amethyst can be found on the gem stone market. The Christian churches high officials had Amethyst as their favourite gem stone with the purple colour indicating renewed life.

Amethyst was assigned to the planet Neptune by Ularert in 1983. It is the birthstone for February and associated with the day Thursday. Capricorns zodiac stone is Amethyst along with Aquarius and Sagittarius. It was alleged that Amethyst would heal headaches, sciatica and any pancreas problems.


Iluvm have introduced Amethyst into our 2006 range. Our coloured cubic zirconia is stronger than Amethyst but still retains its deep purple colour. Our popular love and kiss's range will be in limited supply for this Valentines Day and introduced in our kiss ring and Megan bangle.

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