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Peridot semi precious

Peridot Information

The word Peridot derives from the Arabic faridot. A simple translation to the word gem. Peridot was mined in Egypt for over 3000 years. The stone was forgotten for many years and rediscovered recently in the early twentieth century. Deposits are found in Egypt, Australia, China, Kenya, Arizona, Sri Lanka and Norway produce spectacular Peridot's.


Europe was introduced to Peridot by the crusaders in the middle ages for ecclesiastical purposes. During baroque period, Peridot was a highly fashionable and popular gem. The baroques produced table and step cut stones. The rich had these set into high fashion gold pendants and earrings.

Peridots range in colour and can even be colourless. The most typical colour for peridots is a fresh lively green but can range from light yellow to dark olive green


Imitation peridots are often made from corundum and cubic zirconia CZ. Popular cuts of Peridot are brilliant, round, emerald, faceted, pear and trillion cuts.

Peridot is the birth stone for August. Libra have Peridot as the stone for astrological purposes and Raphaell assigned Peridot to the planet Saturn for magical purposes.

Peridot has once again returned to be en-vogue. Fashion Houses have introduced it into their range of costume jewellery and one designer features a large piece's of Peridot in their summer and winter collections.

We stock cubic zirconia CZ coloured Peridot in a number of items. Our dusk and midsummer rings are always popular lines. Our spring/summer collection will feature Peridot bracelets, pendants and earrings.

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