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Spinel Information

Spinel Information

Spinel classifies a whole group of related minerals, only a few are of gem stone quality. The name originates from Greek "spark" or Latin "thorn". Spinel comes in many colours but the most popular are red and blue. As an individual mineral, spinel was only recognised in the 1800's, before then it was always thought to be ruby or sapphire. A prime example of this is an uncut red spinel mounted in the British imperial crown which was thought to be a ruby but it is actually a spinel. The largest spinel ever found can be seen at the British museum with a total carat weight of 520. A spinel stone is an 8 on the moh's scale.


Synthetic spinels have been on the market since 1920. They imitate not only natural spinel but other gem stones such as ruby, topaz and sapphire.

iluvm stock a number of blue spinel jewellery items, we are always looking to extend our range of high quality silver jewellery with semi precious and synthetic gem stones. Our spinel is from Asia and is perfectly matched in colour. Our Dawn and solitaire rings are available with blue spinel, rose earrings are available in swimming pool blue spinel. Sweet heart pendant is a slightly lighter spinel which is almost topaz in colour. Spinel is more expensive than cubic zirconia (CZ) but it is slightly softer.

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